Who Is Your Audience

Who Is Your Audience

You’re making videos, people are watching them, and now you’ve got an ‘Audience.’ But who is that audience? Who are you making videos for?

Recommended Size: 50

What You Need:

  1. You should have videos that are getting organic views

  2. You need to have decided on a type of content you’re producing

Your “Audience” Is People

It’s tempting to look at viewcounts and subscriber numbers as a score, when in reality those are real people who have decided to spend their time with you. Try to remember that when you produce content, real people are choosing to click on your video and watch it in their homes, at work, or with friends.

What’s Your Target Audience?

Isn’t this the same question you’re here for? A target audience is the group of people you are trying to reach, as opposed to the people you are actually reaching.

For example, the simplest target audience is “People Like Yourself.” You might even have targeted this audience already without realizing it. Maybe you’re making content that you personally enjoy, or because you have something you think you would have liked seeing if you weren’t making it.

Maybe you’re making content because you have a skill or special knowledge and think people want to know about it: In this case, your target audience is “People who want to know more about this specific thing.”

Knowing who you’re targeting helps you create content that achieves that goal.

Analytics Are Important...

If you look at your Demographics page, maybe you notice your core demographic is a group that you don’t fall in yourself. Perhaps you’re a 30-Year-Old Male and your audience is primarily Females in the 55-64 Age Range. Or perhaps you’re a 19-Year-Old Female and you notice your demographics are Males in the 25-34 Age Range.

These are the people who are actively watching your content, and the content you are making is appealing to those people. It’s important to remember that you get the audience you deserve, not the audience you necessarily want, so it’s important to take into consideration the actual people watching your content.

...But Not Everything

Just because you know the people watching your content doesn’t mean they want you to cater to them. They’re watching you because of the content you produce already, and changing it too much to ‘fit the analytics’ can backfire and lead to those people enjoying your content even less. If they like your content, then it’s already reaching those people. Your job is to ensure new content continues to do so