What Is YouTube Red?

What Is YouTube Red

YouTube Red is an optional paid enhancement that viewers can purchase on a monthly subscription base for 9.99/month.

Recommended Size: 1 Subs

Many used who tried the free trial of YouTube Red found to be most convenient for the “Background Play” feature.  Essentially you can have your phone screen off, but still hear music.  This is a feature that most apps are going to look to capitalize on and there don’t seem to be any suitable alternatives for playing music that can play in the background.  If you have the money, YouTube Red is certainly worth it as it gives ad money to the creators you watch, without you having to watch ads.  As a creator, you can look at your YouTube Red stats in Traffic Settings in your analytics.

In addition to these features, YouTube Red allows you to save videos to your mobile device if you would like to watch them offline.  Mobile connections aren’t always the best quality so it’s useful to have your favorite videos downloaded if you intend to watch them regularly.  Google Play Music and YouTube Red are currently a part of the same package, so that would be an additional benefit.  If you already have one, you effectively can access the other.

There’s also exclusive content called YouTube Red Originals from creators such as PewDiePie, CollegeHumor, Vsauce, Buzzfeed and Mat Pat (Film Theory and Game Theory).

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