Tools For Thumbnails

Tools For Thumbnails

By now you are probably using very basic images or screenshots of what you are doing to make a thumbnail, or just going with whatever default thumbnail is given, this is usually a very bad idea as thumbnails are vastly helpful for getting your videos clicked on, But what are some way you can make your own thumbnails? We are here to help

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The Internet is a great way to find great tools to use for videos and streams, and the best part is they are usually very easy to get without any hoops to jump through! Some of the best tools out there can be found with a simple google search. Labeled below are just a few and the average price range of them incase you wish to purchase stronger software, but the tools as follows are:

  • Photoshop (20.00/Monthly)
  • Gimp (Free)
  • Paint.Net (Free)
  • Microsoft Paint (Free)
  • Affinity Photo (50.00)
  • Paintshop Pro (63.99)
  • Adobe Lightroom (10.00/Monthly)

These tools all have benefits and drawbacks to them naturally, and some are considerably basic compared to others, like Microsoft Paint to Photoshop, but a good starting place until you better learn how to make thumbnails and find your style would be Gimp or Paint.Net as they have a lot of tools to use that are great gateways into stronger softwares and are very rewarding to learn!

A great extension of this tutorial would be the others we have written up on thumbnails which are labeled below, so give them a look over before you start to maximize the effectiveness of not only your tools, but of the thumbnails themselves: