Creating Channel Art

Creating Channel Art

Looking to create a fun looking and unique piece of art for your channel on YouTube? Starting here will set you along that path to creating that perfect piece that speaks to you and your audience, it's not as hard as it seems

Recommended Size: 50 Subs

Getting Ready

Channel art is one of the very first things an audience sees once they click on your channel, so you want to make sure it's something that is both unique but also entertaining to capture the attention of the viewer, if its too boring you might lose someone, if its too flashy it probably means no one will be able to tell what you do on your channel, so plan ahead.

  • To start creating your channel art you must first have access to picture creating software (Microsoft Paint is provided by default on most PCs)
    • Searching online you can also find other programs some paid like Photoshop, others free like
  • Standard size of the image for PCs is 2560x1440
  • ThumbnailIf you use a premade image remember that once uploaded it can be cropped if its dimensions are too large but only the center area of the image
  • Don't forget you also have to factor in your channel icon in the left hand corner and will hide part of your image
  • The art you choose will display differently on different platforms i.e phones, tv’s, desktops. So adjust your art accordingly for maximum appeal on all platforms, recommended for PC’s and phones.

Creating Art

You now have your software and are ready to create art for your channel, but what will you make? As mentioned above you want to stand out but not be too flashy as to lose someone. If you do music then try adding music related instruments or notes on, maybe a picture of you singing in the mix to help stand out even more. Do you do a wide variety of games? Try adding a few characters or maybe your channel name with a flashier background like a sunburst effect.

Across all of these it helps to provide a type of special font to stand out a bit more as long as it's readable. 

Finally don't forget this can be changed whenever, and channel art comes and goes so feel free to express yourself, maybe get some ideas and opinions from others, both friends and social media questions will help further you along more than you would think! But remember that in the end it's your creation (unless someone makes it for you) so as long as you are happy with it, then that’s a good start to having the perfect channel art.