What are Collaborations?

What are Collaborations?

Collaborations are simply two or more creators joining forces to create content or achieve some other agreed upon goal. They can include a group of gamers coming together for a dynamic livestream, a musician and graphic designer co-creating intros for other content makers, or two beauty gurus giving each other makeovers. The options for collaborations are only limited by your own desire to work with fellow creators.

Recommended Size: 50

What You Need:

  1. An Idea

  2. A Fellow Collaborator

Tips for Collaborating

1) What is your purpose for collaboration?

Perhaps there is a creator you really admire and would like to experience the creative process with (or vise versa!).  Or perhaps you would like to expose your audience to a creator with similar content that you think would benefit them but you are unable to provide that information yourself. You must first identify WHY you want to collaborate with another creator before you can make those connections.

2) Where to finding a fellow collaborator?

If you DON'T have someone in mind to collaborate with you might be at a loss for where to meet people. The best way to do this is to join communities that revolve around your content genera or fellow small creators LIKE NEWTUBERS ;-) Being active in those communities and getting to know people will expose you to potential collaborators. But remember, don't go in links blazing wanting to fam up right away. Building relationships takes time and dedication. You have to prove yourself as a worthy collaboration partner!

3) How do you choose a collaborator?  

Like I said before maybe you already have a creator in mind. Maybe you want to collaborate with someone who has more subscribers than you. Something to consider in this instance is what will you bring to the collaboration that make you a beneficial partner? Perhaps you have a unique skill or attribute that will benefit this larger creator and in turn you will gain exposure to their audience. What if someone with fewer subscribers or a less developed channel wants to collaborate with you? Well, then you have to ask yourself those same questions (What benefit, other than good karma for helping out the little guy, will you receive? Do you LIKE the content they produce, do you think they have potential?).

4) Collaboration Expectations!

Something to consider as you enter a collaboration is what your expectations are. Have a set goals with assigned tasks, meetings, and deadlines to help the two (or more of you) stay on track with developing your collective content. Decide up front who will be posting the content (both, or one of you?) and how credit will be shared (links in your description, shout outs, etc?)

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