What Is Fetch?

On July 18, 2012, /r/NewTubers was created to provide a place for small creators to talk to each other and find help growing their channels.

Since then, we've grown to tens of thousand of redditors, thousands of Discord users, a YouTube channel, Twitch community, and more!

Our goal is to be the Premiere New Content Creator Community and provide you with all the tools, information, and community you need to start, build, and sustain your Creation career.

In September of 2016, we decided that we could no longer achieve that goal as a subreddit community, so we started planning for fetch. fetch allows us the freedom to create real tools and better organize our assistance, as opposed to a bunch of random reddit threads and links.

While we'll always say we chose the name because we 'fetch the help you need,' the truth is that we just knew we could make it happen.