So you had a video that exceeded the average amount of views for your channel? Then you're in the perfect position for a follow-up!

In this tutorial I'll use one of my own videos that I did just that with as a case-study, then provide you with a few things I learned from the experience.

Copyright: YouTube Policy

Copyright is a powerful legal concept. It provides creators valuable protection and ownership rights over their endeavours. However, it can sometimes bite you if you don’t know the law or someone takes advantage of YouTube’s strict copyright claim system.

Sell Yourself To Me: How To Network

Networking is one of the most important activities a NewTuber can engage in. It is the most reliable way for you to gain new and reliable viewers, improve the quality of your videos, and gain new opportunities for growth.

Featured content can be a powerful way to direct viewers to the rest of your content, it's also a great way to get (free) advertising.

Cameras: Webcams

Getting a webcam is the easiest and cheapest way to get into making YouTube videos. Getting one is a really great option if you’re planning on doing most of your videos in front of your computer. First, I’ll show you a few great options for getting into creating YouTube videos, and then tell you how you can set up your webcam.

Why Should You Use Final Cut Pro

There are a lot of video editing software out there ranging anywhere from freeware, such as Windows Movie Maker, to the highest end software used in Hollywood. Mac users will be glad to know that Apple has kept creators in mind by releasing a video editing software that stands with the best, Final Cut Pro X.